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Speeches Strikes and Struggles is a new project that provides members of the public access to rarely before seen archives.

The collections that make up Speeches Strikes and Struggles are:

The Bridget Bond Collection which consists of items that are a combination of pamphlets, Letters, memos, reports, minutes of meetings, posters, booklets, notebooks, magazines and newspapers. This collection relates strongly to Northern Ireland Civil Rights movement particularly in Derry. Items in this collection will have been rarely seen before and will give audiences a different perspective into behind the scenes of the operations of the Derry and Northern Ireland Civil Rights Associations.

The Gerry Lynch Collection which consists of items that are a combination of pamphlets, Letters, reports, hand written notes, posters, booklets, magazines and newspapers all relating specifically to the Trade Union and Labour movements of Derry. The battle for fair pay and highlighting other inequalities in relation to housing and the distribution of wealth.

The Peter Moloney Collection is a wide ranging archive based collection which deals with the history of significant events in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. This collection has over 40,000 catalogued items including posters, postcards, Journals, badges and t-shirts. Approximately half the collection is photographs of murals, political banners, drums and people at demonstrations and marches covering a wide variety of subjects. There are over 12,000 pictures of murals taken over a period of 30 years in Northern Ireland.

This website only gives a small glimpse of the three collections. All three collections are digitised and available to view at the Tower Museum.

Please contact us to arrange a viewing.

The Speeches, Strikes and Struggles exhibition is open at Nerve Visual, Ebrington from 5th October 2018 to 23rd December 2018.

Gallery opening hours are:
Tuesday – Friday 11am-5pm,
Sunday 12pm – 6pm. Admission is free

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